CBIG Offers an Approach to Financial Services that Stands Alone

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With our vast network of providers and the deep experience of our team, CBIG is confident that we offer the most complete range of insurance, financial planning, and retirement planning services available to Canadians and Canadian businesses. And we’re absolutely certain you won’t find the same personalized touch anywhere else.

Personalized Service that Meets Your Needs

We love to talk! We’re all about talking to you about your needs, your plans, and your goals, so that we can help you meet them.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions; your needs and goals are unique, so we tailor our services to meet them.

Expert Advice & Guidance to Help You Make the Right Call

Not everyone is a financial expert and managing your money shouldn't require you to be one. That's where our expertise comes in.

We'll look at all the pieces of your financial picture with you—from investments to income and savings and debt, we will help you understand where you're at. We will then look at your available options, help you establish goals and implement a plan to help you meet your financial objectives.

The Best Rates and Packages

Because we work with providers all across Canada, we can source the best packages and rates for your needs. We’ll work closely with you to figure out what works for you and your team, and solicit quotes from our partners; then we’ll mix and match until we’ve found the right package at the right budget.

You work directly with your CBIG advisor; we manage the plan for you. You get the flexibility and coverage of a large-scale provider with the service of a local partner.

A Hands-On Approach that Keeps Your Rates Low

Most Canadian businesses don’t think twice about their group insurance rates—until the renewal notice comes, complete with an unexpected rate increase.

CBIG hates that “sticker shock” feeling. That’s why we meet with our clients twice a year, to help you understand how your plan is being used, how it might affect your renewal rate. That way, we can be proactive at managing your plan to mitigate unexpected increases.

Ready to talk to a CBIG financial specialist about your needs? We’re here to help!

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