Online Privacy Policy

Canadian Benefits Investment & Insurance Group Inc. and its affiliated entities (“CBIG”) have been handling sensitive information on behalf of Canadian workers and their families for more than 25 years.  Today, both federal and provincial protection of privacy legislation sets rules for everyone on how personal information must be protected. For more than two decades, even without legislation, we have always respected your privacy and have never shared information about you or your family unless it was necessary to maintain your benefits or to deal with a benefits claim you had submitted for payment.

CBIG takes your privacy seriously because we know that you do. We have worked diligently to ensure that our staff provides the highest level of integrity in providing group benefit services to you. Part of that diligence is our promise to keep you informed about what CBIG is doing to protect your privacy.

We comply with the laws and regulations as applicable including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and other provincial privacy or health privacy legislation as applicable to us.

At CBIG your personal information is important to us.  Personal information generally means information about an identifiable individual.  We are continually reviewing our privacy protection practices to ensure that not only are we always in compliance with changes to privacy legislation but that we are meeting your expectations of how you would want us to respect your personal information.  Part of our responsibilities is to keep you informed about our privacy protection practices, our reasons for collecting your information, what we do with information we collect or receive, and who you can talk to if you have a concern.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

As a service provider of group benefit insurance and related services, the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information and that of your dependents is an integral part of serving you by establishing and maintaining your benefits. On a day-to-day basis we collect information from employees and we receive information from employers, insurance companies and a variety of other sources about you.

As part of our relationship with you, we will collect, use and disclose your personal information:

  • to help us understand your insurance and service needs,
  • to allow us to process applications for insurance,
  • to allow us to process, investigate and administer claims and assess and settle losses in the event of a claim,
  • to obtain information in order to assess risks and premiums associated with an individual insurance policy,
  • to respond to your enquiries or questions,
  • to ensure servicing of our accounts including creating invoices and following up on accounts,
  • for security reasons including protecting both you and us from error or fraud,
  • to understand and make determinations about your eligibility for benefits and services and to provide services to you,
  • to obtain reasonably relevant information about you from your employer and to provide the necessary information about you and your benefits to your employer,
  • to better improve our business and this site,
  • meeting our regulatory or contractual requirements related to the provision of insurance products and services,
  • such other purposes for which you have provided your consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

We will only collect and use information that is pertinent to the effective and efficient administration of your benefits and we will only share information that we collect or that we receive from others for these purposes or as required or permitted by applicable law.  When it is practical to do so we will collect the information we need directly from you. In those instances where information is collected from your employer or provided by other organizations such as your provincial medical plan or insurance companies, your personal information will be respected in exactly the same way as if we collected it from you personally. In collecting information from others we will be relying on them, where appropriate, concerning compliance with applicable privacy rules and procedures. And when we collect personal information we will always take great care to maintain its accuracy, confidentiality and security.

Examples of other entities to which we may provide your personal information include:

  • third party service providers that assist us with carrying out the services subject to strict contractual requirements,
  • government authorities,
  • medical service providers,
  • other insurance carriers,
  • investigation providers,
  • as required or authorized by law.

Use of Cookies

Cookies may be used on our site.  They can be collected automatically from your internet service provider or may be sent to us by your web browser.  This information can be used to identify you and facilitate your access.  We may collect information from your use of the site for statistical or analytical purposes to assist us in operating our business and provide better services to you but we do not link it to your personal information.  Also, if you submit personal information to CBIG’s web services (such as your name, interests or preferences), we may use cookies and other technology to keep track of such information so that you will not need to re-enter this information during subsequent visits or to serve you better.  We may also use tracking pixels using Google Tag Manager.  We may share information about you from cookies, device identifiers, location data and usage data with entities that are affiliates of CBIG.

Access Rights

You should know that you have a right to access your personal information and make correction requests.  If you do so, we will make reasonable efforts to comply and respond to you, subject to our obligations under the applicable privacy legislation or other legal reasons.

Protection of Personal Information

You should know that even within CBIG only specifically authorized personnel have access to your information.  Our systems and procedures are designed to prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of your information.  Your personal information may be stored or disclosed outside of Canada where it may be subject to the lawful access requests of the government in that jurisdiction pursuant to the laws of that country.


By continuing to do business with us and obtain our services, we understand that you have provided your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this policy.  While you do have the right to withdraw your consent you should note that it may affect our ability to continue to provide services to you.  We fully respect the consent you provided to collect, use, and disclose your information.

Contacting Us

If you have any concerns about our practices or policies, to make an access or correction request or to make a complaint, CBIG’s Chief Privacy Officer can be reached at any time during regular business hours toll free by calling +1 888-564-7484.